Tax benefit to Investor

No Investment into AltCap vs Investment into AltCap

Taxable Income R 1,500,000 Taxable Income R 1,500,000
Deductions R 0 Deductions R 1,000,000
Taxable Income R 1,500,000 Taxable Income R 500,000
Tax Payable  (45%) R 675,000 Tax Payable (45%) R 225,000

 By investing R 1,000,000 into AltCap, an immediate tax saving of R 450,000 is provided (45%).

The above tax deduction will be granted to an investor within the the following tax year that the investment into the VCC was made. i.e. If a client invests on the 27th of February 2018, the deduction will be included in the investors 2019 income tax calculation.

If the investment in AltCap is not held for a minimum 5 years, the above-mentioned deduction becomes null and void and is added to the investors taxable income in the following year.


  1. 100% tax deduction on monies invested
  2. Up to 45% immediate return on investment (Percentage is based on investors marginal tax rate)
  3. Attractive returns
  4. Exposure to high growth companies
  5. Reduced risk through diversification by adding an additional investment vehicle to an investors investment portfolio
  6. Reduced risk through diversification in qualifying companies


 Minimum Participation in the fund  R100 000
 Maximum Participation  No Investor may make up more than 20% of the fund
 Investors Holding Period  5 years
 Targeted  IRR 30%
 Annual Management Fee  2%
 Performance Fee  ‘A Shares’
Manco Admin 1%

How ‘A shares’ work: AltCap, through the holding of the ‘A’ shares of the company, will receive 20% of all proceeds that exceed investors original investment. For everyone 4 shares an investor receives, one ‘A share’ is issued to the investment managers.

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