Current Pipeline

FullStack Technology – “We love to innovate”

This is a software development company with loads of interesting projects currently being developed, as well as the potential to invest in any future projects.

FullStack specializes in IoT, enterprise and social cloud-based software development. Their moto is that ‘if you can dream it, we can build it’. Fullstack Technology is a development powerhouse which initially started in South Africa, however they are currently growing their international presence and clientele.

‘Full’ meaning they offer a wide range of service from web and app design/development, SAP implementation and consulting, IoT and hosting solutions and product management.

Some comments from current customers:

“Professional. Fast. Affordable. Honest. FullStack will innovate with you, take your product to the market, then drink with you to celebrate!”

“They updated the site with my requests WHILE I was on Skype with them asking for the updates! FullStack doesn’t mess around when it comes to being agile.”

“The FullStack team puts their own skin in the game. They were pushing updates at 11:00pm because they were that excited about the product!”

AltCap are currently looking at investing into FullStack.Technology, as well as an existing innovative business solutions. With AltCap’s funding, version two will be developed and rolled out. The target market is any company operating in the retail sector requiring accurate reporting with regards to their products.

Outdoor Advertising

A simple yet very unique idea with potential for exponential growth. Advertising is a key factor to the success of any business and ‘Outdoor Advertising’ is specifically focusing on the SME market.

Outdoor Advertising has a working concept in place which is generating a consistent annuity stream of income. Outdoor advertising has a number of unique selling points, one being integrated advertising process from design all the way to print and installation.

Outdoor Advertising is not only an advertising solution, but it also improves the surrounding community by;

  • Creating safer boundaries for home owners
  • Reduces Noise Pollution
  • Beautification
  • Increased Market Value
  • Affordability for SME’s

Outdoor Advertising’s main focus is on congested roads which lack aesthetic appeal due to home owner’s walls being dilapidated. The current business is running at capacity and funding is required in order to expand. In order to maintain a competitive advantage expansion, the intention going forward is to offer franchise options within Gauteng, and later nationally.

Smart School Solution

Instead of reinventing the wheel, this unique solution has decided to perfect it. They have developed an app that can sign into any education system that will allow the teacher to go 100% digital. Once a document has been submitted it will be redirected to all relevant departments. The app is free to use for teachers with an annual cost per child. They have developed timetables, bi communication, school policy, enrollment, messages, polls, notices, lessons/lesson plans, tests/results, curriculum, homework, extras, attendance, news, events, gallery, sports, a payment gateway and much more. The app will assist pupils, parents, teachers, HOD's, Principles, governing bodies, and group owners.

This is merely the idea, however, they do currently have a number pilot projects in place as follows;

The company is busy with a private school in Johannesburg. This is their first roll out. They are using this school to work on the bugs and develop any extras that the school requires onto of what is already in place. They have also been given the go ahead from the Umlambo Foundation which runs plus minus 50 schools. Umlambo have committed to personalizing the app under their umbrella at no cost as they are an NPO. In return, the company is meeting with some of Umlambo’s sponsors in connection with remuneration. This is not the only app they have developed. There is already an existing app that they have developed with the Pearson Group (Education and text books) that we are currently growing.

They have also brainstormed a number of unique extras which will increase the revenue stream of the app as a whole. These will be phased in over time depending on market demand.

Overall it is a unique tailored solution for parents, scholars, and most importantly teachers, and with the current focus on education within South Africa, AltCap have identified this as a very viable program.

Unique ‘Middle Housing Model’

This unique solution looks at restoring dignity to communities on the African continent. There is an enormous missing middle market between informal shacks and formal housing, however, communities have been innovative and they have responded to this in their own way. Backyard densification is a common phenomenon in South Africa. These semi-formal shacks are built for 5% of the cost of a freestanding house but offers a major upgrade from a shack.

These units currently exist but the demand still far outweighs the supply thus driving the rental price up. The main aim of this project is;

  • Providing a housing where it is desperately need
  • Provide asset based income to existing home owners
  • Provide asset growth to existing home owners
  • Generate investor returns
  • Mobilize and develop communities
  • Bring solutions through design

The informal rental markets create accommodation opportunities for almost two thirds of all households that are not able to access formal accommodation. Backyard dwellings are also one of the fastest growing sectors, and between 2007 and 2011, backyard dwellings absorbed two thirds of new households, twice as much as those absorbed by informal settlements. Another interesting fact to note is that according to the South African Local Government Association, a large proportion of backyard occupants are in the middle-income categories (household incomes from R1600 to R12 000 per a month).

Other potential investees

Online butchery

This is not a unique idea and is there are a few competitors already in the market place. However, what makes this brand unique is that this company has built a strong brand awareness as well as their price point, which creates competitive advantage.

This business is run by a young entrepreneur with a number of personal connections to an existing franchise list company. This offers potential synergies as well as a medium-term exit strategy. Even though their prices are currently the lowest in comparison to their competitors, their profit margins are extremely profitable. These can be significantly improved with a wider product range as well as unique spices, sauces as well as rare meats.

AltCap, with a small investment will be able to acquire a large equity stake within the company, which can then be utilized for expansion, product development and marketing.

Environmentally Friendly Sewage Converter

This unique solution is a one of a kind sewage converter, which covers pit latrines, septic tanks, French drains, portable toilets and industrial waste.

Key factors to this solution are;

  • Sewage Converter is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Numerous species of bacteria producing many more enzymes which work synergistically to accelerate bio-degradation naturally.
  • Solution destroys all pathogens in raw sewage as well as e-coli. This is achieved by the solution eating both the food that pathogens eat, as well as the pathogens themselves.
  • The effectiveness of Pit-Stop is mainly due to the micro-alveoli granules they inhabit. The granules maximize the surface area the bacteria can occupy, ensuring they always outnumber other micro-organisms when they come into contact with them.
  • From the start of the first treatment, one can expect to see an increasing elimination of C.O.D’s, B.O.D’s, phosphorous and ammonia. A de-nitrifying action converts the sewage’s nitrogen content into nutritious substances that vegetation can readily digest.
  • This discharge is environmentally friendly (with all harmful pathogens having been removed), it is ideal as a nutrient-rich irrigation water.

Dosage of the solution: For the initial treatment, dilute 1litre of the solution with 5litres of water, (Grey water or even urine can be used), and empty into the pit or tank.
Leave for 7 days. Thereafter, once a week dilute 250ml of the solution with 5 litres of water and empty into the pit or tank. Do not make use of chemicals while using the solution.

Based on current circumstances in South Africa, and Africa as a whole, the potential for this unique, one of a kind product, from a business and community perspective is amazing. AltCap is extremely excited to add this solution to our portfolio of companies, as it is a unique solution which is not only profitable, but also focuses on improving living conditions of those who do not have access to a clean water supply daily.