AltCap Venture Capital

Our Vision

At AltCap we are not industry specific. We focus on SMEs with strong management teams and a solid business concept. We believe it is not always the ‘idea’ that makes a company a success story, however it is the individuals behind the idea which leads to the fairy tale ending.

Venture capital in comparison to other forms of investment is classified as having the highest degree of risk, however the tax savings provided through section 12J drastically reduces the inherent risk associated with venture capital. At AltCap we aim at further reducing this risks by conducting in-depth due diligence into any opportunity that presents itself. The idea is then put forward to an investment committee and only once an approval is received shall funding commence.

AltCap is not merely there to provide funding we take a hands-on approach and are involved in every business we invest in. We provide support, advice and mentoring with the aim of growing the company into the entrepreneur’s vision. At AltCap we focus on scalable high dividend paying companies which allows us to offer investors a regular dividend as well as an attractive capital return

‘Finding unique ways to grow your money’

Why AltCap?

Not being industry specific allows AltCap flexibility when it comes to investment opportunities. We aim at diversifying risk by investing in companies within different industries, however, we also plan on identifying synergies amongst our portfolio of companies which enhances individual companies returns and in turn grants our investors reduced risk with greater returns.

At AltCap we want to incorporate our investors into the investment making decision process. It is not merely our investees who we will be hands on with but also our investors. Investors will be invited to give their opinions and views on specific companies we are considering for investment. This gives AltCap a different perspective and an opportunity to answer any investor related concerns.